Selling sustainability

Those interested in how to sell sustainability should take a look at UK sustainability company, Futerra’s communications report:  “Sizzle, the new climate message”. While it has been out for a while, it emphasizes a positive strategy stating: “Climate change itself isn’t the sizzle, it’s the sausage… The most common message on climate change is that we’re all going to hell…  But there is one message that almost every audience responds to. A narrative that changes hearts, minds and even behaviours… We must build a visual and compelling vision of low carbon heaven.”

In devising and planning campaigns, the Futerra communications agency recommends some key pointers including:

* a short list of big actions

* completion in five years

* the plan’s transparency

* the allocation of tasks with explanations of how every step moves towards the end goal

*knowing your audience

* personal paybacks and lifestyle visions


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