Silver lining for the digital cloud?

News print pages may be shrinking but at least the digital space universe is expanding. Which is good news for those who work in advocacy as savvy message merchants can use the newest media frontier to spread their communiqués and even translate messages into action. Hopefully the holy grail of behaviour change is the “silver” lining in the cloud. While the net may not snare the same mass audience as old-fashioned print, it can be used to target audiences and motivate to actually do something towards a cause.

Take the example of Sydney digital and traditional media sustainability strategists Republic of Everyone. Their Garage Sale Trail coordinated thousands of garage sales all over Australia on the same day bringing together community, sustainability, sport, the arts, brands and government and seeing over 100,000 people get involved in its first year as a national project. Traditional media bounced off it – not the other way around with the project appearing on the national news and over 560 newspaper articles resulting. Some other impressive statistics – 40,000 wheelie bins of “stuff” re-distributed, 98 per cent of participants saying they will do it again, $2,094 the average amount made per school and $1,114 the average amount made per community group, 82 pc of participants used digital media to promote their sale, Facebook reach came to 672,259, there were over 20,000 pieces of user generated content and the average number of community connections per seller was six.

Mass media may be out of favour but digital may not be so minor.

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