Meat Free Monday

The rise of the veggie

MFM arrives in Australia

With backing from leading nutritionists, advocacy organizations and a reputable university research institute, the Meat Free Mondays campaign promises to make its mark in Australia. Meat Free Mondays aims to encourage Australians to go meat free for one day a week “for the good of their health and the good of their planet”. A key […]

Monday makeover

I do like Mondays

Contrary to the oft-quoted song line, Mondays are a winner for starting new habits – it seems people do like Mondays for its promise of new beginnings. The not-for-profit organization The Monday Campaign developed the public health initiative, Meatless  Monday (also known as Meat Free Monday) in 2003 with the assistance of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg […]

Image of the earth on a plate with cutlery alongside

Eating for a few billion

“Meat Free Monday”, “flexitarian” “bio-dynamic”… what’s going on? Diets can be faddish and fast – Dr Atkins, Dukan to name a few – but a new food sensibility is emerging, influenced by concern for, believe it or not, issues larger than our own personal motivations.  In fact, the realisation we need to share the earth’s […]