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Silver lining for the digital cloud?

News print pages may be shrinking but at least the digital space universe is expanding. Which is good news for those who work in advocacy as savvy message merchants can use the newest media frontier to spread their communiqués and even translate messages into action. Hopefully the holy grail of behaviour change is the “silver” […]


Selling sustainability

Those interested in how to sell sustainability should take a look at UK sustainability company, Futerra’s communications report:  “Sizzle, the new climate message”. While it has been out for a while, it emphasizes a positive strategy stating: “Climate change itself isn’t the sizzle, it’s the sausage… The most common message on climate change is that […]


Today’s news, brought to you by…

This is a blog and you are reading it, perhaps by chance, or perhaps by recommendation. But as one of millions of blogs in hyperspace, it has uncertain life and leverage. While social media is the media du jour, it is still uncertain that it is setting agendas. Agenda setting is one of those terms […]